Personal Trainers

Dimi Phisa

0412 434 145

With 20 years’ experience in the Fitness Industry, Dimi brings a strong technical as well as wellness edge to training her clients. ​

Specialising in Pilates Core Stability, Postural Training as well as Personal Fitness, she quickly fine tunes her clients’ goals into real time results. Strong, fit, flexible bodies with a focused mind.

Nick Milwright

0404 278 787

Nick Milwright is a Certificate III & IV certified Personal Trainer. ​

His background in physical training is diverse - from Martial Arts and ADF military training, to classical ballet, contemporary dance, Pilates and yoga. He is passionate about repairing individual imbalances, and helping people to regain strength and confidence in their own bodies.

Sev Besimi

0438 061 166

A former professional soccer player, state-level Track & Field winner, and Natural Body Building Champion, Sev can help you achieve your fitness goals - whether you're a complete beginner or an elite athlete. ​

"I help my clients to live leaner, fitter, stronger, healthier lifestyles"